Ship Suppliers

We are also ship chandlers providing vessels and crews with entire assortment of supplies and services.

With its delivery cars and on excellent location (just few hundreds meters from Adriatic Shipyard Bijela), we are able to provide quick and efficient service to our clients.

We have 20 years of experience in ship-supply business. Our staff is reliable, motivated and always on hand in order to respond even to the most demanding requests.


About us

Whichever paint or coating you might wish for your ship, speedboat, boat or even house you may find it with us.

Our Firm, as the agent of Norwegian Company "Jotun", offers entire protection for your vessel or property on land.

We also provide all types of agential services for yachts and their crews, including the necessary supplies.


Tel: +382 31 683 683

Fax: +382 31 683 440

Mob:+382 69 040 395