Yachting: Antifoulings

Selecting the right antifouling is crucial for perfect sailing.

Jotun Yachting antifouling products prevent fouling and thereby:

- Help to achieve and keep the desired speed with less friction

- Reduce fuel consumption due to less friction

- Improve hull protection by preventing fouling penetrate the paint


Yachting: Primers & Sealers

Jotun Yachting Primers can be used on any part of the boat. Which to use depends on the type of structure and your requirements to hardness, waterproofing, corrosion protection, application properties, volume solids and film thickness. Your choice will have an effect on the paint system's durability in the long term.


Yachting: Topcoats

Jotun offers wide range of colours, excellent gloss and resistance to UV light and abrasion. In addition to make your boat look good, the topcoat is an important part of the paint system and the first barrier against environmental impact. Proper surface preparation is important to get a professional finish as a glossy topcoat will reveal any surface defect after application.

Which topcoat to choose depends on:

- Type of substrate to be coated

- Type of application to be carried out



Yachting: Fillers

Jotun fillers are based on high technology and innovation. Jotun Yachting fillers can be applied in very high film thicknesses and have excellent sanding properties.

Their main functions are to:

- Level out and smooth the hull surface

- Provide adhesion and cohesion between the surface and the paint system

- Enable sanding with minimum loss of thickness and volume

We recommend two-pack epoxy fillers as they have better water and solvent resistance than polyurethane fillers. They are also much harder and more flexible. For underwater areas only epoxy fillers can be used. We offer three types of epoxy fillers and one gelcoat repair kit with polyester filler. The main difference is the type of finish they provide, their degree of hardness and waterproof properties.


Yachting: Varnishes

The benefits and experience of the marine industry are mirrored on the success of the Jotun Yachting division. Jotun Yachting offers to the market complete and innovative solutions for protection and decoration of all parts of the yachts, speedboats and all the other boat types.


Yachting: Antifouling

Jahting: Topcoats

Yachting: Primers & Sealers