Decorative program : Wood and Steel

Jotun is the worldwide leader in producing paints for wood. This system is developed in Scandinavia mainly, where Jotun has successfully protected thousands of wooden structures under constant exposure to extreme weather conditions. Jotun program for wood is developed to sustain even the most demanding weather conditions, from very cold temperatures of -30oC, till the high summer temperatures of +35oC, high level of radiation, water, show, moisture, insects, etc.

Besides its great experience in producing paints for all kind of wood protection, Jotun is constantly developing its systems for retain its highest quality.



Limpiador Antisales Acido

Means for cleaning and whitening. To be used for neutralization and bleaching of wooden floors, furniture, etc.

Spreading rate 6-10m² with 1 liter.

Cleaning with water.

Wood Impregnacion Protectora (VISIR)

Primer coat for protection against decay, worms, fungi, etc. Transparent. Cans 0.75 and 4 liters.

Spreading rate: 6-8m² with 1 liter.

Thinner: Jotun No2

Wood Lasur al Disolvente (TREBITT)

Transparent. Shading in more than 20 hues. Waterproof protective paint, based on alkyd resins and Chinese wood oil. Good penetration and excellent protection for exterior wood, resistant to sun, moisture and contaminants. Excellent decorative effect both on interior and exterior wood, especially if finally treated with Benar UVR. Could be used as protection for unprocessed wood. Has anti-fungi and anti-bacteria agency. Cans 0.9 and 3.6 liters.

Spreading rate: 10-14m² with 1 liter.

Thinner: Jotun No2

Wood Tarimas y Terrazas

Transparent, alkyd, water based paint. Matt finish. Excellent protection for wooden floors and terraces, as well as UV protection. Cans 0.9 and 3.6 liters.

Spreading rate: 13m² with 1 liter.

Cleaning with water.

Royal Ultra

Transparent finishing varnish for wood, urethane based which makes it excellent abrasion resistance. Contains UV filters, excellent for exterior protection. Can be used at all wooden surfaces, especially good for furniture and parquet. First apply VISIR, than to follow by 2-3 layers of Royal Ultra. Cans 0.375; 0.75 and 4 liters.

Spreading rate: 9,5-12,7m² with 1 liter.

Thinner: Jotun No2


Universal acryl based varnish. Gloss and matt varnish for wood and other surfaces (metal, cement, plastic, etc) of excellent quality. Can be shaded in more than 950 hues. Excellent final coat for exterior and interior. Cans 0.45, 0.9 and 3.6 liters.

Spreading rate: 13-17m² with 1 liter.

Thinner: Jotun No2


High-quality building final coat, based on alkyd pigments and iron-oxide pigments. Anticorrosive protection. Top quality final coat with iron splinters for all kind of steel structures. Cans 0.675 and 3.6 liters (bases) or 0.75 and 4 liters for grey and black color.

Spreading rate: 12,5-16,7m² with 1 liter.

Thinner: Jotun No2

Conseal Primer

Fast-drying alkyd based anticorrosive primer. Especially good for containers and other steel structures where fast drying is required.

Spreading rate: 9m² with 1 liter.

Thinner: Jotun No7


All these products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide and are in the top of the world's products. Provide the best features of durability, resistance to moisture and sun, elasticity and adhesion to the substrate and provide a great choice of colors for Jotun MULTICOLOUR system.