Decorative program : Interior paints

Jotun products for interior protection and decoration are highest quality acryl based paints, designed to ensure durability, water wash-ability, excellent spreading rate and easy maintenance. These paints have vapor ability and prevent formation of mold and fungi, which are usually there as a result of moisture. Jotun Multicolor system offers possibility of tinting colors in more than 950 hues. Jotun interior paints offers excellent decorative effects to living rooms, while ensuring long durability and easy maintenance for all kind of commercial spaces (apartments, offices, etc). The most used systems are DUROSAN and MAJESTIC.



High-quality and the most cost-effective matt water based paint with acrylic copolymers formulation, which enables excellent, washable, easy-to-maintenance and long-lasting surface. Suitable for all kind of interior walls, especially for steam-, humidity-, smoke intensive spaces (kitchens, restaurants, corridors, offices, etc). The special version of DUROSAN PROFESIONAL ANTIMOHO is designed with added anti-fungi and anti-moisture resistance. Thanks to its high quality, wash-ability and long-lasting, it can be used as exterior façade as well. Shaded in more than 300 hues. Spreading rate 9.7-13m² with 1 liter.



Highest quality paint for interior decoration. Matt or gloss effects, high spreading rate, long-lasting and easy-to-maintenance paint. Shaded in more than 950 hues, washable and vapor permeable paint offers excellent decorative solution. Easy to apply anti-fungi and anti-moisture paint. Suitable for all type of interior walls. Excellent decorative effects in combination with texture paints from Jotashield program (Tex Ultra, Tex Medium or super attractive Heritage Traditional Tex). Spreading rate 10-16m² with 1 liter.



Paint based on PLIOWAY resins, used for protection against yellow nicotine patches, moisture, etc. It is usually used as a mid-coat before final coat application. To be diluted with Jotun Thinner No2.
Spreading rate 9,4-11,8m² with 1 liter.



Universal primer for all type of walls. It is used to link cement or other surfaces with final coat or mid-coat. To be diluted with water in ratio 1:4 or 1:5. Spreading rate of 1 liter of dilution is aprox. 10m². It is recommended prior to any new painting.



All these products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide and are in the top of the world's products. Provide the best features of durability, resistance to moisture and sun, elasticity and adhesion to the substrate and provide a great choice of colors for Jotun MULTICOLOUR system.