Decorative program : Exterior paints

Jotun, as one of the worldwide leaders in producing paint, offers the widest range of decorative paints for facades. The advantage of Jotun paints is not only in top quality, such as durability, elasticity, resistance to sun, moisture and fungi, but also in excellent spreading rate and easy application.



Water based paint with acrylic copolymer formulation, enables excellent washable and long-lasting façade. The most cost-effective solution. Can be used for interior walls, where continuous maintenance and cleaning is expected. Can be applied at all types of walls. Spreading rate 8,8-14m² with 1 liter.



The most used façade paint of excellent quality, 100% acryl water based. Created to sustain all weather conditions. A special hardener provides a durable and long-lasting coating which prevent dust and dirt retention on the surface. Special Jotashield formulation provides super elasticity. Excellent protection against mold and fungi. Ideal solution for decoration and protection of exterior surfaces – both for new ones or refurbishment of old ones. Can be applied as a final coat on any other Jotashield products, or any other façade. Spreading rate 10,9-15,2m² with 1 liter.



Matt PLIOLITE® based paint, for exterior areas, with excellent resistance to aggressive outdoor exposures. Its great wetting and penetration properties provides very good adherence on top of most of the surfaces. High degree of vapor diffusion and is a chemically inert paint, being highly suitable for industrial environments thanks to its great resistance against contamination, acid rain, etc. It has also a very high resistance to alkalinity. Can be applied at any temperature from –20 ºC up to 40 ºC, and on top of wet surfaces. After 20 min. of drying, it is resistant to rain. Very easy to recoat with same type of product.



Semigloss finish medium textured flexible decorative paint based on high quality pure acrylic water based binder. Specially recommended for use on exterior surfaces of cement plaster, concrete, bricks and masonry. This product has good weather and water resistance. Jotashield Tex Ultra provides an attractive texture that will hide and cover minor imperfections in the surface when applied with a sponge roller. The product has been independently tested at the Taywood Engineering lab in UK to have crack bridging up to 1.4 mm and is also tested for Carbon Dioxide diffusion, Water Vapour Transmission and Liquid Water Transmission. Jotashield Tex Ultra is classified as a suitable concrete protection system. This product is also suitable for interior surfaces creating special decorative effects.



Poli siloxane resin based coating. It provides excellent penetration properties on concrete, masonry or cement and impregnates the substrate forming a hydrophobic barrier which cures with the help of relative humidity, forming an invisible film without any tacking. All building materials which are treated with Jotashiled HF Siloxano will be waterproof. Absorption capacity of water of the surface is totally reduced, keeping its transpiration, and without making the substrate to change its original aspect.



All these products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide and are in the top of the world's products. Provide the best features of durability, resistance to moisture and sun, elasticity and adhesion to the substrate and provide a great choice of colors for Jotun MULTICOLOUR system.