Decorative program : Wood and Steel

Jotun is the worldwide leader in producing paints for wood. This system is developed in Scandinavia mainly, where Jotun has successfully protected thousands of wooden structures under constant exposure to extreme weather conditions. Jotun program for wood is developed to sustain even the most demanding weather conditions, from very cold temperatures of -30oC, till the high summer temperatures of +35oC, high level of radiation, water, show, moisture, insects, etc.

Besides its great experience in producing paints for all kind of wood protection, Jotun is constantly developing its systems for retain its highest quality.



Decorative program : Exterior paints

Jotun, as one of the worldwide leaders in producing paint, offers the widest range of decorative paints for facades. The advantage of Jotun paints is not only in top quality, such as durability, elasticity, resistance to sun, moisture and fungi, but also in excellent spreading rate and easy application.


Decorative program : Interior paints

Jotun products for interior protection and decoration are highest quality acryl based paints, designed to ensure durability, water wash-ability, excellent spreading rate and easy maintenance. These paints have vapor ability and prevent formation of mold and fungi, which are usually there as a result of moisture. Jotun Multicolor system offers possibility of tinting colors in more than 950 hues. Jotun interior paints offers excellent decorative effects to living rooms, while ensuring long durability and easy maintenance for all kind of commercial spaces (apartments, offices, etc). The most used systems are DUROSAN and MAJESTIC.