Jotashield Thermo

Jotashield thermo is a pure acrylic exterior coating for concrete cement plaster, specially formulated to provide superior thermal insulation. By deflecting sunlight, Jotashield thermo reduced the heat absorbed by walls. This redused the heat indors, so you require less energy to cool your home or building, increasing your comfort level. Properties: proveneffectiveness against heat (heat resistance ASTM standard test sertificate), high UV resistance and stability, crack bridging ability (up to 0.6 mm), resistant to corrosion, heat-shok and chemical changes, carbon dioxide diffusion, water and water-vapour resistant and lightweight coating to reduce the dead weight of the building


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Whichever paint or coating you might wish for your ship, speedboat, boat or even house you may find it with us.

Our Firm, as the agent of Norwegian Company "Jotun", offers entire protection for your vessel or property on land.

We also provide all types of agential services for yachts and their crews, including the necessary supplies.


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