Hard Top

If you want the best possible for your vessel, you can hardly find anything better than HardTop. HardTop is two-component polyurethane, with high gloss and at the same time it offers the ultimate protection against the elements. It is also very hard, resistant against the scratching of fenders or any type of abrasion, marine atmosphere and solvents, which combined with adhesion to fiberglass guarantees your vessel good look for many years to come. HardTop is also ideal for interiors particularly galleys where  the standard  enamel gets easily scorched or  damaged. But what is the best about it, is that it is applied with a brush (or roller and brush if you prefer) and because you can get it in an extensive colour range so you can find the right colour for your vessel.


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Whichever paint or coating you might wish for your ship, speedboat, boat or even house you may find it with us.

Our Firm, as the agent of Norwegian Company "Jotun", offers entire protection for your vessel or property on land.

We also provide all types of agential services for yachts and their crews, including the necessary supplies.


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