Shipping Agents

We act as agents for a variety of vessels laid up for repairs, including those for merchant vessels on their commercial voyages, as well as agents for yachts and passenger vessels.

During the years of successful business, we have built a reputation of high quality and reliable agent. Our staff possess in-depth knowledge and great experience in agency business, including port operations, repairs, supplying and other. We are trying to accurately apply the acquired knowledge in order to provide on-time, high-quality and professional service to our clients. Every single inquiry is treated with attention, since the satisfaction of our client always comes first.


About us

Whichever paint or coating you might wish for your ship, speedboat, boat or even house you may find it with us.

Our Firm, as the agent of Norwegian Company "Jotun", offers entire protection for your vessel or property on land.

We also provide all types of agential services for yachts and their crews, including the necessary supplies.


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Fax: +382 31 683 440

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